Visiting St Pierre le Moûtier or pilgrim ?

Pilgrim :

If you want to rest at night ,you can find some holiday shelters addresses at our Tourism Office (more information about this office here).

The safest way is to ask them directly which cottage is available or who can receive you for the night.

Visiting :

Must see:


If you're visiting Saint Pierre le Moûtier you might want to see :

The presbytery and its medieval street around.

The municipal ponds.

The churches from St Pierre Le Moûtier, Chaluzy, Chantenay St Imbert, Jaugenay, or the crypt in Saint Parize le Châtel.

 The castles of :Chevenon, La Ferté à Chantenay St Imbert and Rosemont in Luthenay Uxeloup.

Museum of vine and local history in Riousse or the Ligier Museum in Magny-Cours

Or la Ferme du Marault: A genetic farm raising Charolais Beef.



If you want to find a bit more peace and quietness in more natural trail you can also visit :

Le Bec d'Allier : WWF site ,confluence of the Loire and the Allier an exceptionnal ornithologic site.

Canal of Guétin bridge

Municipal ponds

Loire side channels

And numerous walking or biking trails.



There's a lot of producer around Saint Pierre le Moûtier and our butchers and bakers use the freshest ingredients for their product comming straight form the producers.

Some farms sells directly their products straight after making them you'll experience the freshest tasting possible.




Circuit of Nevers Magny-Cours (kart and cars)

Club Porsche Karting

Numerous equestrian centres